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Machine Learning Engineer
The job ends upon selection
Job Type
Check with hiring manager
Doctorate degree required
2+ years of experience required
325, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
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🔎 Company Introduction

Our mission is to unleash the true potential of creators by enabling them to focus more on creative activities and less on mundane repetitive tasks. By transforming the content creation process, we envision a future where a captivating story can swiftly be adapted into numerous content formats and languages.

🔎 Job Introduction

At Initial AI, our machine learning engineers play a crucial role in defining and solving various service requirements as machine learning problems. We actively contribute to content automatic creation projects using language modeling and computer vision technology, along with providing personalized recommendations, rankings, and classifications.

Responsibilities include:

🔎 Eligibility Requirements

We are looking for individuals who have:

🔎 Preferential Treatment

Preference will be given to candidates with:

➡️ Hiring Process

Our selection process includes document screening, coding test, 1st interview, final interview, and employment. The typical hiring process takes 4-6 weeks, with the schedule subject to adjustment through communication with the candidate. Any changes or delays in the screening process will be promptly communicated.

In some cases, additional procedures may be involved.

👉 Probationary Period Information

All new hires undergo a three-month probationary period and receive 100% of their salary during this period.

initial ai
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